Firm Profile

ARTITEXTURE is a proven approach developed by RSI.

Who we are:.

Robyn Scott, principal designer behind renowned interior design firm Robyn Scott Interiors, Ltd. approaches each project with a commitment to creating highly personalized spaces incorporating client’s collections, artwork, and new visions. Robyn, with 17 years of design experience, and her team, confidently mixes classic contemporary and timeless looks with up-to-the-minute trends, resulting in award-winning designs exhibiting both personality and sophisticated appeal.

What we do: Robyn’s full-service firm has developed a unique approach to interior design she calls ARTITEXTURE, a holistic approach to interiors where texture, art and furnishings become an expression of the architecture. RSI, Ltd. is, first and foremost, focused on people and their experiences of a space; doing so by developing a client’s vision in connection with the interior and exterior elements. We believe the key to a successful interior is collaboration. Working with the client and design team, and with local artisans to craft distinct interior architectural elements and furniture designs gives our client’s uniquely inspired spaces.

Our mission is to provide a professional personalized service resulting in a design that brings joy to those daily experiences.

Robyn Scott and her team approach each space as a work of art. We pride ourselves in combining sophistication with comfort and create in a variety of styles from rustic cabin to mountain contemporary. We urge our clients to think “outside the box”. We have the unique foresight to integrate the latest design trends yet always honor timeless elements. We believe that the design process should be fun, challenging, and inspiring for the entire design team.

RSI Hospitality Division

With a design portfolio that includes such elite properties in destination resort areas as Aspen, Newport Beach, and Baja Mexico and exquisite executive residences, award-winning Robyn Scott melds the best in modern and classic design. Scott is able to embody mountain living that combines the natural Colorado outdoors with modern sophistication. She has won awards for her success in reinterpreting the cowboy aesthetic into loft-inspired mountain homes.

Robyn has over 10 years experience in the high-end interior design field with a project list ranging from boutique hotels to high-end residences, from Aspen to California to Mexico. Scott brings expertise in creating what each client visualizes for their project. Scott's design philosophy is that the interior environment should balance. enhance, and compliment the outside environment and should have a positive impact on the quality of life of the users. Her team's top level of full design service and professionalism has distinguished Scott as a leader in the industry.

Hospitality Services
  • Manage the design and budget of hotel condominium projects
  • Facilitate the project design through the internal design review and approval process of the management company
  • Manage purchasing agents in the sourcing, bidding, pricing & procurement of projects. Oversee procurement production & delivery as well as the warehousing and installation processes
  • Interface with Owners, Developers, Capital Partners, Management Companies, Architects, Contractors, Purchasing Agents, and all Consultants
  • Provide conceptual brand development, design consultation, product development, interior design and styling services
  • Selections and Execution- FFE


Trump Ocean Rosort- North Baja. Mexico Project
‘Our clients are requesting contemporary interiors with aesthetics that incorporate more layers and textures with organic accents. The Trump Ocean Resort project is a successful fusion of contemporary and organic, making connections to the outside environment and modern living.